Top 3 Apps You Can’t Live Without

Technology invention has upgraded our way of, living since some applications help us in various services. Tech companies are coming up with new designs almost on a daily basis, and these apps serve us in multiple ways too. Some of the well-known companies for developing the apps are the Apple and Google stores. These applications are easy to install on numerous smartphones for easy access.


Google and Apple stores are considered to have over three million apps that you can download to your phone. According to research conducted on various users, the report showed that the customers don’t get to download the majority of the apps available at these two sites but, there are multiple apps that you can never miss on their phone. This shows that these few apps are very crucial and we can also say that they are essential applications that the users cannot live without.


Top three apps that you cannot live without.

  1. Google maps.


Go to every person’s phone and 99 percent of people with smartphones have Google maps installed on their phones. This is an app found in the Google stores, and with time it has made our traveling to be comfortable. With Google maps, you can go anywhere you want, or you can easily find your way home in the case where you find yourself in a new place. Google maps allow you to search the location you are at, and if you want to travel to another point, you can quickly search for it. It involves one pinning the city or town he or she is in, then search for your destination, ie, the city you wish to go to. Google maps will provide you with information regarding the right routes to follow when going to that area, the facilities around the area including other amenities.


  1. Uber app.


Another reliable app that people have on their devices. Uber is number one means of transport all over the world. We can say that uber save our lives in the case where we need an emergency ride or we are stuck. Whether you own a vehicle or not, the uber app is a must app to have. Unlike other forms of transportation such as taxis and buses, uber is convenient and easy to access. All you need is to search the car near you and also provide information about where you are going to including how many people you are so you can be provided with a fitting vehicle. Uber taxis are located in different cities and finding a car that is near you is usually easy and fast.


  1. Flashlight.


Do you need an emergency lighting at any time of the day? Well, you need to have a flashlight on your phone. The best part regarding this app is that it comes in different kinds for customers to select from. You also get a chance to choose the type or extent of illumination that you want the flashlight to give. This app is usually compatible with all smartphones.


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